BioGienie (ASBER)

 The Next Generation in Hydrogen Peroxide Dry Mist Vapour Robots. As a leader in the provision of HPV technology we know that the continued fight against Health care Associated Infections and contamination within any cleanroom environment, whether hospital, food processing or animal laboratory, will require both investment and innovation. That is exactly what we have done. BioGienie® builds on proven successes within the UK/US, providing a bio decontamination system able to eradicate Pathogens such as MRSA, C.difficile, E.coli, VRE, Pinworm, TB and Acinetobacter. Now incorporating enhancements, developed as a result of end-user feedback, BioGienie® is more effective, safer to use, simpler to operate yet remains a very cost effective means of combating contamination.



• Clinically proven against a wide range of pathogens including spores, bacteria, viruses and fungi

• Able to decontaminate between 4m3 and 200m3 with a single unit



• Clear warning lights show operatives when decontamination is in progress

• Sealed fluids eliminate risk of operator exposure

• Light and very manoeuvrable with large diameter cushioned wheels for ease of movement between rooms, buildings and sites

• Room turnaround in as little as 45mins


Environmentally Friendly

• Uses recyclable Hyproxil™ cartridges containing a non toxic/noncorrosive ionised disinfectant

• Hyproxil™ fluid has lower concentrations of the active ingredients - just 6% Hydrogen Peroxide and Ag+ at 60ppm.


Simple to Use

• Full colour touch screen technology enables fast setup

• Password protected access ensures only authorised users can access the system

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