Jewel Cleanroom Air Showers (ASEAS)

The Jewel Air Shower is a Stainless Steel Self-contained air pass-through chamber installed at the entrance to cleanrooms in order to eliminate the amount of particulate contaminants entering the cleanroom. Personnel move through the air shower though interlocked doors, while particulate contaminants are washed off with high velocity HEPA-filtered air jets. The high air velocity of 22m/s ensures efficient scrubbing action necessary to remove particulate matter. Contaminated air is then taken in through the base of the unit, filtered, and re-circulated into the chamber.


FEATURES : The Jewel Air Shower features a programmable microprocessor control, giving users a great extent of self-customization and autonomy. Because all processes are controlled by the microprocessor, there is a high level of functionality and flexibility. This means higher efficiency work times and more controlled and hygienic scrubbing prior to entry to clean areas. Unlike conventional air showers which come with a pre-programmed mode of operation, the Jewel allows users a choice of all three modes just by the touch of a button.


Three Modes of Operation: One-Way: Door at cleanroom interior is locked at rest, door at cleanroom exterior is unlocked. Person enters and door at cleanroom exterior locks. Air shower cycle starts. At the end of the cycle the door at the cleanroom exterior stays locked whilst the Door on the cleanroom interior unlocks allowing the Person to exit via the door into cleanroom interior. When the door on the cleanroom interior closes, it locks and simultaneously the Door at cleanroom exterior unlocks.


Two-Way One-Way: Only one door at a time can be opened. Both doors are unlocked at rest. Person enters the door at cleanroom exterior. The Air shower cycle starts. At end of the cycle the person exits via the door on the cleanroom interior. Alternatively, the person can enter via door at cleanroom interior, proceed through the unit and exit via door at cleanroom exterior without initiating the blowers.


Two-Way: Cycle runs in both directions. Only one door at a time can be opened. The person can go in either direction and the air shower will cycle.

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