Bottle Washing and Filling System (H20 SYS)

H20 SYS - Bottle Washing and Filling System

The Jewel answer for small facilities. H20 SYS offers a flexible 3 piece system for de-capping, emptying, washing & filling. The key to H20 SYS is the centre hood type bottle washer, which contains a patented emptying, washing & filling station all in the one small footprint. A space saver at its best.


• Capacity for a complete process of 18 bottles per crate.


• Chamber entirely made of polished stainless steel AISI 304/316.


• Independent washing & rinsing system.


• Water filtration / RO unit / UV unit optional


• Note: not available for pass through applications.


• Sterilization systems via Acidification & Chlorination available.


• Individual nozzles for full bottle coverage in the washing & rinsing process.


• The system has a 3 position timer for setting different bottle filling volume.


Our patented rotating device facilitates the automatic bottle emptying, washing, rinsing & filling.


Water distribution system:

1 filling system

2 top rinsing system

3 washing system

4 bottom rinsing system.

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