Aquatic Housing - Modular Systems for Central Filtration OR Stand Alone (ASFP Series)

Rack system with molded Plastic Aquaria. Available in both stand alone and central filtration configurations. Standard or custom sizes are available.



1280Wide x 610Deep x 2083Tall mm - ASFP350 (Stand Alone) - ASFPA350 (Modular)

1524Wide x 610Deep x 2083Tall mm - ASFP360 (Stand Alone) - ASFPA360 (Modular)

1905Wide x 610Deep x 2083Tall mm - ASFP375 (Stand Alone) - ASFPA375 (Modular)


30 Litre Tank 305Wide x 533Deep x 305Tall mm

76 Litre Tank 610Wide x 533Deep x 305Tall mm

114 Litre Tank 890Wide x 533Deep x 305Tall mm 

Options include Air Lines, Full Spectrum Lighting and Shelf mounted Electrical Outlets with in-use Covers.

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