Individually Ventilated Caging System for Larger Rodents/GuineaPigs/Ferrets (TYPE 2000 IVC)

Able’s all-new Type 2000 IVC system offers spacious accommodations for housing larger rodents in a MicroBarrier environment. The latest addition to Able’s line of high performance, energy efficient IVCs boasts 2000cm² of floor space and 27cm+ of vertical height to permit natural behavior expression – allowing compliance with any housing standards worldwide.


The Able Type 2000 IVC system provides a safe and secure environment. The unsurpassed floor space accommodates ample bedding material, which – combined with the effective bedding-level supply air – ensures an excellent micro-environment for extended cage change intervals. With plastic surfaces that are fully protected by a wire bar lid and all components guaranteed chew-free, the Type 2000 IVC system is suitable for group housing of even the largest rats, guinea pigs and ferrets.


Cage Dimensions: 592 x 405 x 295(H)mm


Overall Rack Dimensions:

(20Cage): 1962(L) x 850(W) x 1954(H) mm

(15Cage): 1495(L) x 850(W) x 1954(H) mm

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