Positive/Negative Ventilation With and Without Locks - P/NC Rack 75 Jag (AS75J )

Positive/Negative Ventilation With and Without Locks


• Operates in positive or negative pressure


• HEPA filtered supply and exhaust air


• Individual cages pressurized with HEPA filtered air, reducing Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide levels


• Includes standard, microprocessor controlled supply blower SB4100


• Effluent air is captured and HEPA filtered before return to macro environment


• Smart exhaust blower with electronic pressure differential sensor and microprocessor control SE6100-PNC


• Digital display confirms pressure differential • Constant supply air volume in either positive or negative operating mode


• Optional Airflow Control Accessories facilitate connection to house HVAC systems


• Individual cage locks indicate proper engagement of cage to rack and provide visual verification 


• External bottle allows quick and safe replacement


• Optional Wi-Com Vantage Wireless Rack Monitoring


• “Green” Benchmark: Exceptional life expectancy - 10+ years, power usage as low as 18 watts/rack.

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