Enriched Rat caging System (AS4300ERS-3)

Able’s enriched rat cage rack system has a number of housing benefits including improved social interaction in an enriched environment and greater provision for long term/ lifetime studies where a wide range of natural behavior can be displayed.


We have used the foot print design of our popular EC2 rabbit caging in this rat cage system, enhanced with solid 4320cm2, Noryl Plastic cage base, permitting the use of Able’s Enrichment bedding and thus providing a cleaner and drier environment for the animals.



External Rack Dimensions: (L) 895 x (W) 685 x (H) 1815mm
External Cage Dimensions: (L) 823 x (W) 662 x (H) 110mm
Internal Cage Height: 460mm


Cage Floor Area: 4320cm2 + Resting Shelf

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