Maxi Seal Static Micro Isolator Filter Tops (AS980)

Able Scientific has a filter top for the AS340, AS980 and AS2000 with others available on request.


3 Sided Filter cover: Reduces ammonia, carbon dioxide and humidity levels by the spontaneous airflow through 3 surfaces in the filter cage environment.


99% Total open filter area: Respectively giving total diffusable convection air displacement. 89% retention of 1-6u particles.


Integral silicone SEAL: For total protection of Air Borne contaminants and micro environment inside cage.


Stackable Able Filter tops: Available in any plastic.


Dual retaining clip: Prevents accidental dislodgement of filter cap and gives full security to your Barrier Contained cage Control.


Wire support frame for Filter sheets: Positive seal all round.

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