Professional Vacuum Cleaner (ASGD 2000)

The perfect choice where noise is an issue.
This Nilfisk vacuum is a high-performance professional vacuum cleaner.
The exceptionally quiet operation down to 44 dB(A) (BS 5415 at low speed) makes it ideal for cleaning in noise-sensitive areas at any time. It also offers top suction performance and superior filtration.

A wide range of filtration options are available, including HEPA filters. Another unique feature is the motor cassette, which can be replaced by the operator. Its 15 m cord means that you spend less time stopping to plug the machine in, while the 1.9 m hose ensures a wide working radius. It’s particularly ideal for daytime cleaning, where disturbance of occupants can be an issue - e.g. in noise sensitive areas like hospital, office and animal areas.

Minimum sound level meets maximum suction performance
• Good filtration
• Do it yourself serviceability
• 15 meter cord

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