Dycem Contamination Control Mats - 1m (ASCC02-10 )

Dycem Loose Lay Blue Protecta Contamination 

The Dycem ProtectaMat is a High Performance Contamination Control Zone. It effectively attracts, collects and retains foot and wheel borne contamination, preventing particles and microbes from getting into and out of your critical areas. The ProtectaMat is available as a
loose laid mat or with a self adhesive backing option for heavier wheels and carts.

Where to use

• All entrances to prevent the ingress of contamination.

• All exits to stop the spread of contamination and cross contamination.

• Inside the critical area adjacent to critical products and processes to prevent contaminants from reaching critical airborne height.


Active working system
The ProtectaMat is designed to be an active working zone which attracts, collects and retains foot, wheel and airborne contamination.


Easy to Clean

Quick and easy to maintain. Simply clean the surface of the mat with a damp sponge and detergent. Squeegee dry and wipe up the detergent and contaminant residue. The mat is then immediately ready for re-use. Please see our web site for full cleaning instructions.



Dycem products contain an integral silver based antimicrobial additive. Our products have been successfully tested against 50 common organisms including Salmonella, E.coli, Listeria, Campilobacter, Pseudomonas, A.Niger (black spot mould growth), and Algae. The Biomaster additive also helps combat MRSA.

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