PuraCob - Enriched 10kg No.8 Fine Dust Free (ASECCB-C)

BRINGING A NEW TWIST TO ENRICHMENT BEDDING EXCEPTIONAL ENRICHMENT – Blended paper rolls and Corn Cob provide endless opportunities for healthy animal activity and comfort. Caters to the animal’s natural nest and shelter building instincts.

SUPERIOR ABSORBENCY – Cob to paper ratio delivers excellent bottom up adsorption to promote animal well-being.

EXCELLENT ODOR CONTROL – Abundance of cob encapsulates odour causing animal waste  and neutralizes ammonia smell.

COST SAVINGS – Requires less frequent cage changes resulting in reduced labor and disposal costs.


10kg PuraCob No. 8 Fine Dust Free.

  • Coarse bedding with enrichment furls
  • 10kg Bags
  • Unmatched consistency
  • Lowest Dust
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