Mixed Corn Cob/Paper Chip Enrichment Bedding (ASBCPC-C )

SETTING NEW STANDARDS IN ENRICHMENT BEDDING ENRICHING ENVIRONMENT – Promotes activity producing healthier, less stressed lab animals


SPECIAL PAPER CONTENT – 1/4" paper squares, produced in an FDA approved facility, offer greater surface area

SUPERIOR ABSORBENCY – Higher absorption than other paper squares. The larger 1/4in. size offers 75% more surface area.

ODOUR CONTROL – Abundance of 1/4" cob encapsulates ammonia-causing odor

Bed-O' cobs®/ Pure-O' cel Corn Cob Bedding mix Pure-O'Cel bedding extra absorbent 



• Ideal bedding for environmental enrichment

• Certified paper squares

• Ideal for isolator caging

• Longer lasting – Fewer changes

• Consistent quality

• Virtually dust free

• Eliminates eye irritation

• Available irradiated

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