PuraCob- Premium - 10kg No. 8 Coarse Dust Free (ASCCB-C)

 12.9kg 1/4" Pura-Cob No.8 coarse dust free in poly bag.


PERFECT FOR ISOLATOR CAGES – corn cob bedding is documented to show it’s perfect for Isolator Cages because of its ammonia controlling properties.


NATURAL ABSORPTION FEATURES – Animals are on a dry surface. The bedding allows liquids to flow from the top down, then absorb from the bottom up. Our Corn Cob is proven to encapsulate the urea found in animal urine and controls the ammonia level.


100% NATURAL CORN COBS – Our Corn Cob bedding is completely biodegradable and  incinerable.

10kg PuraCob No. 8 Coarse Dust Free.

  • Highest Ammonia control
  • Guaranteed dust free
  • More cages per bag
  • Greater Absorbency
  • Autoclavable bag 121°C
  • Longer lasting cages
  • Biodegradable
  • Small compact bags for easy handling
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