PuraChip Aspen Enrichment Bedding - Extra Fine (ASPJMAEB-XFA)

 63L PuraChip® extra fine aspen enrichment bedding. Paper bags. 3 Ply


Our traditional PuraChip®, made entirely from the Aspen species. This product is screened to a highly uniform size and is dried to 8% (+/-2%) moisture content.


PuraChip® ability to absorb and give up liquids quickly makes it the bedding of choice for many. Our PuraChip® are then packaged in a 2.2 cubic foot auto-clavable bag. PuraChip® are virtually dust free, contain no chemical additives of any kind, and are not a food source for your animals. Unlike many other beddings, PuraChip® are ready to be used right out of the bag. They do not need to be irradiated, autoclaved, or sanitized in any way before use. When the well-being and comfort of your animals are top priorities, PuraChip® are the proven bedding of choice.


It is free of all splinters, shavings, slivers, excess dust and foreign matter. Certificates of analysis,  and any documentation that may be required is readily available - including user references


Ideal for within automated bedding dispensers.

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