Jewel Supa Wash - Non-hazardous Alkaline Detergent (ASDTSW)

Jewel Supa Wash 1 is a concentrated liquid, acidic cleaner/descaler formulated for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and medical device industries. It effectively removes a wide range of process and research residues, such as inorganic salts and scales, particulate carbon and urine scales. This product is effective in animal cage wash applications, laboratory glassware washing, and pharmaceutical/biotech process cleaning and derouging. Low foaming Jewel Supa Wash 1 will not cavitate recirculation pumps and is extremely free rinsing to achieve a clean, residue free surface. Jewel Supa Wash 1 has excellent hard water tolerance to eliminate mineral deposits.

The surfactant system in Jewel Supa Wash 1 remains effective across a wide temperature and pH range, even during pH neutralization prior to discharge, thus reducing redeposition of process residues. When used as directed, Jewel Supa Wash 1 is safe for use on both glassware and stainless steel substrates and a wide variety of plastics including polycarbonate.

 ASDTSW-20  Supa Wash 20L Tub
 ASDTSW-200  Supa Wash 200L Drum


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