Jewel Green Wash (ASJCWAL)

Green Wash 2 is a concentrated non-caustic liquid alkaline cleaning agent formulated for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, and medical device industries. It effectively removes a wide range of process and research residues, proteins, organics, and oils. When used as directed, Green Wash 2 is safe for use on aluminum, galvanized and other soft metals. The product is designed to be an excellent laboratory animal cage wash product at 0.2% to 1% use dilution.

Green Wash 2 is designed to be low foaming at all temperatures for easy rinsing and will not cavitate recirculation pumps. Extremely free rinsing Green Wash 2 provides clean, residue free, surfaces. Chelants provide excellent hard water tolerance that eliminates mineral deposits.

 ASJCWAL-20  Green Wash 20L Tub
 ASJCWAL-200  Green Was 200L Drum


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