Jewel Neutral - Neutral PH Cage Wash Fluid - 2 in 1 (ASUTEX)

Neutral PH solution gives extremely effective washing without the calcium deposit / scaling build-ups. Prolongs cage life. Also eliminates requirement for 2 fluids - Alkaline and Acids as often used.

PH neutral detergent which is ideal for use within cage washers, bottle washers and rack washers for removing organic soiling on all types of conventional, IVC, large format caging and associated equipment.

Jewel Finish is economical in its use, versitile and has multi-suRface use. The surfactants effectively clean organic soiling and the in-built seqestriants provide water softening properties inhibiting surface scale and mineral deposit build-up. It is biodegradable, solvent free and suitable for use on low temperature washing below 50ºC and allows PH neutral waste waster for draining.

Jewel Finish should be dosed between 0.35-0.5% dependant on soiling levels and water conditions.

 ASUTEX-20 Tub  Jewel Neutral 20L Tub
 ASUTEX-200 Drum  Jewel Neutral 200L Drum


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