Jewel Total Cleanse - One Stop Acid Cleaner and Descaler (ASJCWTC)

Total Cleanse is a phosphoric/citric acid cleaner/descaler formulated for the research, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. It effectively removes a wide range of process and research residues, such as inorganic salts and scales, particulate carbon and urine scales, fecal matter, oils and proteins.

This product is an effective, ONE-STEP cleaner and descaler in animal cage wash applications, eliminating the need for alkaline detergents. This product is very effective in pharmaceutical / biotech / cosmetic process cleaning and derouging.

Low foaming Total Cleanse will not cavitate recirculation pumps. Total Cleanse is extremely free rinsing to achieve a clean, residue free surface and has excellent hard water tolerance to eliminate mineral deposits.

The surfactant system in Total Cleanse remains effective across a wide temperature and pH range, even during pH neutralization prior to discharge, thus reducing re-deposition of process residues.

 ASJCWTC-20  Total Cleanse 20L Tub
 ASJCWTC-200  Total Clease 200L Drum


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