Wireless Rodent Running Wheel (ASENV-044)

The current trend of housing mouse colonies in individually ventilated cages (IVCs) has
allowed dramatic increases in housing density, improved environmental control, and
better biosecurity. However, the low profile configuration of many mouse IVCs has made
it more difficult to add enrichment devices, such as a running wheel, to the mouse home
cage. Our new wirelss low-profile mouse running wheel represents a state-of-the-art
device that enables quantitive measurements of mouse running levels in most standard
IVC’s. SYSTEM HIGHLIGHTS • Measure circadian rhythms while adding environmental
enrichment • Quantify running levels and how they correlate with behavioral changes
• Fits easily into most standard mouse ventilated rack cages • Open to clean: wheel
surface and plastic support base can be cage washed; wheel transmitter can be wiped
with sanitation cloths • Affordable and economical • Each Hub can monitor up to 40
wheels (4 hubs per computer)

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