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Poultry Caging

  • Growing Flock Cages

    Growing Flock Units are designed to house your egg-laying hens in a clean, observable environment. Plastic coated flooring provides a warm, soft floor, and is gently sloped to direct eggs into the removable, plastic coated external baskets. The electropolished doors have an adjustable grid opening to control access to the removable feeding troughs.

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  • Poultry Battery Cages

    The Poultry Battery Cage is ideal for housing poultry within an animal research facility. Separate, adjustable access to both feed and water facilitate diet and weight studies, and are suitable throughout the growth cycle. Included food trough, water trough, automatic watering system, excreta pans and cage card holders make this a complete system ready for occupancy.

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  • Poultry Isolators-Negative Containment

    Our poultry isolation unit is manufactured to meet the stringent demands of animal research on various species of fowl. This sealed isolation system retains all airborne pathogens and allergens, assuring maximum containment of hazardous agents from sensitive areas, and protects the occupants from any macro environmental influences. Internal hose connections and heater provisions are provided to allow continual occupation over the life of the animal.

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