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Advanced Mouse Rota-Rod

Each lane is controlled by its own timer operated independently. Animal falls are detected by light-beam sensors. Motor speed for drum rotation is controlled electronically. Each RotaRod is supplied complete with a control unit that is connected to the PC notebook by a USB interface. A user-friendly Windows software allows to define, store and run automatically speed profiles with up to 100 steps per profile; within each step the initial speed, final speed and acceleration / deceleration time can be defined. All
RotaRod units are also equipped with a programmable reverse rotation mode. With its most flexible and unique test protocols, performance differences between animals can be detected that cannot be differentiated by other systems.

The “Rota-Rod” apparatus consists of a rotating drum whose surface is manufactured to provide optimal grip for the animal. Separating panels divide the drum into separate exercise lanes, each suited for an individual animal.