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Warming Lamps & Pads

  • Adjustable height pedestal stand

    Adjustable height pedestal stand for above

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  • Ashpat

    Wall plug thermostat to suit any heat pad. Controllable from 0 - 40°c

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  • Cosy Heat Pad

    8 Watt Animal Cosy Heat Pad

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  • HotDog Warmer - For All Animals


    • 3 heat settings and 2 over-temperature alarms to safely meet all of your patient warming needs
    • Lightweight, portable, and easy to move between cases
    • Quiet operation
    • Free-standing or IV pole mountable
    • Low maintenance, with virtually no moving parts
    • Cable easily fits through the cage slats for post op warming
    • 2 year warranty

    Blanket sizes to fit cats, small and large dogs, rabbits, ferrets, lab mice, birds and other exotics.
    ASHDB2530    XSmall     255 x 305mm
    ASHDB2558    Small        255 x 585mm
    ASHDB4156    Medium    410 x 560mm
    ASHDB5679    Large        560 x 790mm
    ASHDB6812    XLarge     685 x 1195mm


    • Reusable – environmentally friendly
    • Heavy-weight nylon outer shell resists punctures
    • Easy to clean
    • Warms up in just a few minutes
    • Flexible – use over, under or around the patient
    • Includes adjustable straps that can be used to maximize contact and heat transfer
    • 1 year warranty

    Hot dog warming is an improvement over infrared heat lamps, heated O.R. tables, microwave disks, heated water bottles, Gaymar T/Pump®, etc. for treatment of anaesthesia induced hypothermia.

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  • Infra-Red Brooder and Heatlamp and Stand

     Infra-red brooder lamp with aluminium shade complete

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  • Infra-red lamp globe 150/175 watt

    Infra-red lamp globe 150/175 watt

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