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ONYX Scalpels

The range of ONYX Plus scalpels come in easily differentiated colour-coded boxes. Each of these fibre-free, easy peel packs display the blade shape for ease of identification. The blade size is also  prominently printed on the handle with a graduated cm scale. Ease of use begins with the product packaging itself and makes for greater convenience.

Ergonomic and safe
Made of ABS, the ONYX Plus scalpel handles are not just ergonomically designed but also stiffer and heavier, to facilitate ease of use. A serrated grip ensures greater comfort and control while the scale on the handle helps in determining incision length. For enhanced safety, each scalpel also has a unique stiff cap with lock tabs that prevents injuries and improves performance.

Premium quality
The scalpel handles are moulded in a full hot runner mould. The robotised handling system prevents any damage to the handle by gently placing it on the conveyor. Our agreement with Sandvik, Sweden ensures that we receive and use superior stainless steel quality. The blades are made of Sandvik grade 13C26 which conforms to the undermentioned specifications.

Superior performance
Sharpness and durability are the true tests of a good quality scalpel. Both these factors are hallmarks of every ONYX Plus scalpel. The laser controlled edge in every scalpel guarantees benchmark sharpness and durability to ensure superior customer satisfaction and unfailing performance, even over time.