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Easy Spraybio - Decontamination System

• Very cost effective
• Very simple to use with a rapid decontamination cycle
• Proven effectiveness against a wide range of pathogens (Biocide disinfectant)
• Provides an antimicrobial coating which Inhibits surface re-infection
• Non toxic and non corrosive biocide disinfectant for complete safety
• No risk for people using it or the environment
• For room volumes from up to 80m³ per canister or more with multiple cannisters
• Odourless, colourless and safe on all surfaces and hard and soft materials
• Environmentally responsible: 99.99% biodegradable

Technical Specification
Droplet size: <10µm
Shelf life: 18 months

Handling and Storage Handling: No special measures against explosion or fires are necessary as product is not flammable or explosive in isolation. Under normal storage conditions: store products vertically in a vented storeroom at a temperature between 5°C & 40°C in the absence of light and or sunlight.

ESB Solution is a unique patented antimicrobial disinfectant. It is a complex blend containing the latest dodecylamine based structures, solvents and fully non-toxic, biodegradable detergent. The formulation does not contain any hazardous aldehydes or chlorine generating components.