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Aquatic Housing - Xenopus

• 16 Litre recovery tanks-removable-clear polycarbonate for observation-self flushing design-high velocity flush for solids removal

• 50 Litre holding tanks-removable-clear PETG or translucent white-continual siphon action-manual flush control-adjustable water level

• Full welded type 316L Stainless Steel

• Tier - and tank - level valves for precise flow control

• Stainless steel castors with polyolefin wheels Filter System

• Four-stage filter - Dacron pad particulate filter

- Fluidized bed biological filter 139m2 biofilm surface

- Carbon finishing filters

- UV sterilizing lamp100,000 microwatt/second/

• Rotationally molded polyethylene sump tank on stainless steel casters

• Quiet dual submerged pumps - 23L/minute