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Re-Usable Collapsible Plastic Shippers

  • Mini Shippers

    Disposable Small Ship Boxes for internal shipping or short transit times with air vent holes. Optional Mesh and Filter Paper for added protection.

    Product Code: AS400SISFP
    Description: Small Box Flat - Ready to Assemble 400sqcm Mice up to Rats

    Qty: Box/50

    Product Code: AS1000SISFP
    Description: Small Box Flat - Ready to Assemble 1000sqcm Mice up to Rabbits

    Qty: Box/50



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  • Poultry and Rabbit Transporter Shipper

     Poultry and Rabbit Transport Shipper

    • IATA Approved
    • Polyurethane Coreflute Autoclavable @ 121°C
    • Poultry, Ferret, Rabbit
    • Wire Lined
    • Internal Window (if required)
    • Floor Area: 2200cm²

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    • It come flat
      • More per pallet
      • Lower shipping costs
      • Less storage space required
    • Assembled and ready to use in 10 secs.
      • No tools or staples required
      • Easy to collapse for reuse and storage
      • No training required
    • Divided in 2 parts, to produce a 4 compartment shipper
    • All shippers include IATA approved markings for safe animal transport
    • Hanging position for Necta Gel Sachets. No staples needed
    • Lid when positioned, locks Necta Sachets in position
    • Optional centre view window
    • Angled sides to ensure filters have access for air to flow freely
    • All filters protected via mesh


     Code  Description
     AS750QS  1200cm2 QikShip, Flat packed. Assembled size: 435L x  300W  x 165Hmm
     AS750D1  Short divider for 750QS
     AS750D2  Long divider for 750QS
     AS1300QS   1300cm2 QikShip, Flat packed. Assembled size: 565L x  350W  x 208Hmm
     AS1300D1  Short divider for 1300QS
     AS1300D2  Long divider for 1300QS
     ASQSVW  Viewing window, centre of lid (Optional)


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