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Nesting Materials

  • Cotton Cocoon

    The Latest In Rodent Enrichment, Small, Lightweight and Cylindrical With Very Short Fibres Making Them Safe For The Animals.

    - 6000/box

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  • Cotton Nestlet

    Cotton Nestlet – Square 3600/box

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  • Enrich-N' Nest - Paper Furl Nesting Material - 1660 Cages/Bag

    Paper Furl Nesting  - Approx 35L Bags 1660 Cages/Bag


    BRIGHT WHITE – Animal discharges are instantly noticed on the pure, white paper and quick
    response can be made if needed

    SUPERIOR NESTING – Unfurling the paper twists allows ample opportunity for nesting. Mice are
    able to nest and burrow into the paper as opposed to on the paper

    DUSTLESS – The dust-free environment does not clog air filters. Great for nude and hairless mice



    • Superior adsorption creates a dry, sanitary environment

    • No additional nesting items needed

    • Increased animal well-being

    • No dangerous fiber strands • Saves labor, purchasing and storage costs

    • Available combined with Corn Cob or Pure-O’Cel

    • Non-dusty formula eliminates irritations for the mice • Available irradiated

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  • PuraCrinkle - Enviropak

    7gms of PuraCrinkle nest material, packed in easy portion controlled sachets

    • PROVEN PuraCrinkle is the best nest material available
    • CONVENIENT Easily dispensed
    • PORTION CONTROL Consistent amount in each pack
    • COST EFFICIENT No waste no mess. No lost time
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  • PuraCrinkle - Screened

    10kg PuraCrinkle Dust Free Nesting Material Autoclable Box

    • Springy long lasting nests
    • Non-dusty
    • Forage friendly
    • Eco Friendly
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  • PuraNest - Screened

    Aspen Nesting Material 90L

    • Springy and Long Lasting
    • From sustainable certified source
    • Chemical free processing
    • Heat sterilised during drying
    • Eliminates allergen problems
    • Clean long lasting look
    • Virtually dust free
    • Mycotoxin free
    • Biodegradable
    • Forage Friendly
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  • PuraShred - Premium Nesting

    Virgin Paper Wool Cellulose Sacks as above but in fine shredded pieces - 2kg

    • Sustainable Source
    • Biodegradable
    • Easy to dispense short fibres
    • Does not tangle legs
    • Expands into high volume nests
    • White for easy observation
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  • PuraWool - Premium

    Virgin Paper Wool Cellulose Sacks 10kg

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  • Virgin Paper Nesting Wool

    Virgin Paperwool Sacks – 10kg 

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