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  • AiroCide - ASACS-100 System

    ASACS-100 System

    Designed for larger areas with high contaminations, like Cage change, or wash rooms, large corridors, waste areas! Supplied complete ready for plug and play!

    Dimensions: 1180 (L) x 625(H) x 127(W) mm
    Treat up to 1430m³ areas

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  • AiroCide - ASACS-25 System

    ASACS-25 System
    The ideal unit for keeping your offices and smaller staff and animal rooms allergen free! Supplied complete ready for plug and play!
    Dimensions: 410(L) x 410(H) x 127(W)mm
    Treat up to 85m³ areas

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  • AiroCide - ASACS-50 System

    ASACS-50 System

    Designed for average room, corridors procedure area, or staff changing areas where the allergen burden is lower. Supplied complete ready for plug and play!

    Dimensions: 700(L) x 475(H) x 140(W)mm
    Treat up to 715m³ areas

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