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EcoFlo Air Handling

  • Direct Connect Solutions

    Ventilated rodent racks require a constant supply of fresh, HEPA filtered air (and in many cases, consistent exhaust flow) to be delivered to each individual rack. This can be accomplished with rack mounted blowers such as our smart blowers, or by using an in-house ventilation system. However, in-house systems are difficult to monitor at the point of use (the individual rack), and the flow can be quite irregular. We have designed products to help regulate and monitor the airflow to each rack, to maintain the integrity of every cage.

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  • Direct Connect Solutions - THIMBLE

    • Ceiling mounted 6” to 4”/152mm to 102mm round thimble connection


    • Flush mounted or Iris damper mounted versions


    • Stainless steel construction - 11 gauge


    • Direct connection to exhaust system with use of exhaust blowers


    • Assists in cage level heat and odor removal


    • Flow Range: 225 CFM/383 CMH max


    • Custom thimbles available

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  • ECOFLO Rack Mounted, Tower Style Wall Mounted or Ceiling Mounted Supply and Exhaust Blowers

    The new Ecoflo Family of Blowers are the most energy efficient, ergonomically friendly, and quietest blowers ever produced. Offered in a wide variety of solution friendly configurations - including rack mounted, wall mounted, ceiling mounted and free-standing tower - these blowers from this family of products share the same efficiencies, ease of use, superior control, and dependability that are the hallmarks of our complete IVC range.

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  • Variable Flow Valve

    The VFV is a proprietary and patent-pending solution which supports multiple room level airflow control applications while eliminating the costs and time of rebalancing rack connections and room air:


    • An airflow regulator for positive/negative control


    • A fixed bypass for equalizing different size racks


    • An adjustable exhaust thimble to house HVAC 


    Saves customers thousands of dollars, and hours of time that would have been spent on rebalancing rooms.


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