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Decontamination Systems : VHP / CD

  • Pass Boxes and Transfer Hatches

    Controlling the ingress of particulate contamination into cleanrooms and other controlled environments is paramount in order to maintain the integrity of products and processess. Personnel traffic is the most important factor which must be controlled. Pass Boxes and Transfer Hatches are a cost effective solution as they allow materials to be transferred into the controlled environment without actual personnel movement. They may also be used to protect the external environment from egress of contamination, for example, in biological safety laboratory applications.


    Main Features


    • Mechanical interlock is reliable, maintenance- free, fail safe and maintains cleanroom integrity by preventing both doors from being opened at the same time.


    • All Able products are manufactured for the most demanding controlled environment applications.


    • All components are designed for maximum chemical resistance and enhanced durability for a long service life.


    • The main body of the pass box is constructed of industrial-grade electrogalvanized steel.


    • The pass box base surface is constructed of stainless steel, making the work zone easy to clean.


    • Acrylic doors provide a clear view of the internal chamber.


    • Standard 1 year warranty. Options and Accessories


    • Flange for sealing the gap between the pass box and the cleanroom wall, when the cleanroom wall can support the weight of the pass box. (Set of 2 flanges).


    ASEPA-A504050-FL for ASEPB-A504050 (External Dimensions: 660 x 450 x 560mm)


    ASEPA-A606060-FL for ASEPB-A606060 (External Dimensions: 760 x 650 x 660mm)


    • Optional UV lamp, must be factory fitted, add “-U1” to the end of the model to order for 240VAC


    • Support stand (for cleanrooms with thin wall partitions, which cannot support the weight of the pass box) to mount the pass box to the floor. Specify mounting height when ordering.


    ASEPA-A504050-SS for ASEPB-A504050 (External Dimensions: 660 x 450 x 560mm)


    ASEPA-A606060-SS for ASEPB-A606060 (External Dimensions: 760 x 650 x 660mm)

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